Thursday, 13 February 2014

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While it sort of feels appropriate that a blog about the process of tailing off and abandoning projects should be tailed off and abandoned rather than closed definitively I am pretty clear now that I will not be posting here anymore. As with most of the projects I've talked about here this should not be considered a bad thing, but merely just a thing which says or doesn't say certain things about the state of how we live our lives. As a project, I am just no longer interested in it. Which is not to say that I no longer find it interesting, I just have other things to be doing.

On the other hand, this project was certainly formative and a bit of a testing ground for various versions of my blogging voice. There are quite a few posts which are not very good, but there are also some I am still very pleased with. Reading through them I can see certain positions which I would no longer hold, and others which I have since refined or developed. Nevertheless I thought, as a way of ending a project that became about escaping the gravitational pull of the expectations of the past, a post which singularly fails to do that would be particularly apt. So, please find below some links to my favourite posts, the ones I still think are the most worth reading a few years down the line.

It also serves well as the first post which any future visitor might see.

Becoming a Tory What happened when I went to public school.

Marzipan 2 I-10 I put up over the course of the blog an entire unfinished manuscript for an attempt at left-wing, character-based fantasy. Simultaneously I talked about what it means to shed the once certain belief that all you need to succeed as a writer is to try, as well as an image of my future that will never come to pass. There's a lot of it, and a lot is very scrappy to read, but I think this is the best distillation of both the fiction and the reality of my life.

Marzipan 2 II-8 Meanwhile this chapter just has sex and death in it.

Jade Empire and Baldur's Gate Borking narratives in choice-based games.

Snake Agent/Wicca Cultural appropriation.

Fallout Finished things that still feel unfinished.

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