Thursday, 9 June 2011

Tales of the Expected

After being so tired and distracted yesterday that I almost crashed because I didn't see a car coming on my way to work - this being because we are currently at half strength in my office - I don't think I'm going to manage to write a decent post this week either. So, we get another script from the unused, first draft pile.

Tales of the Expected is an idea that may end up being done, we've talked about it on and off at Underfire for years. If we did do it it would be a collection of really short stories (1 pagers was the idea) all with really obvious twist endings. I even made a list of incredibly obvious and overused endings for the purpose, but they're all on my old phone. There's more to it than that of course, and part of what would be interesting is the different way people might play with that, but that's the gist. Even if we do do it, though, this probably won't be in it.

Tales of the Expected: The Monsters were us

Panel 1

A young boy running – he looks terrified and pumped all at once.

BOY:               Huff – huff – huff.

CAPTION:      I can hear it coming, fast behind me. All heat and breath and mouth. I can feel it on my back.

Panel 2

Pan back. The boy is in a sort of futuristic alleyway but with echoes of forests and caves and darkness to it, girders like trees and a canopy of dark metal. He looks to his side as if he is undecided about which way to run. In the shadows of the alley something hulking hides itself, only its eyes can be seen.

CAPTION:      If I can just get away, just stay ahead. Maybe...

Panel 3

Peeling from the darkness, the hulking shape reveals itself. It is a hideous, distorted vision of life, an abomination, a walking abortion of hatred and cold fury – mismatched muscles primed for killing and razor teeth.

CREATURE:    skljeroiuj fgk sertrtt!

CAPTION:      …find her.
…find safety.
…find escape.

Panel 4

Pull in. A close up, reaction shot of a girl, about the same age as the boy. The shot is very tight, but if we see any of the background it is girders and fire escapes above the alley. There are no words, only an urgency of adrenaline.

CAPTION:      It’s lost me. But I have to double back…

GIRL:              !

Panel 5

The monster rears up, full length. It is pure horror.

CAPTION:      No! No no no!

Panel 6

Cut away, to an eye, to fear, to a crude spear ripping through flesh.

Panel 7

The monster lies dead, before the boy, the spear sticking through its heart and holding itself upright like a banner, a small flag waving the triumph. The girl hangs from the girders above, a vicious nymph in the metal canopy.

BOY:               Good hunting.

GIRL:              The best. We clocked the fastest time, the other team haven’t even spotted theirs yet.

BOY:               Nowhere near.

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